The Saga of the Whiner

  • Faculty member calls Help Desk to place work order. His computer is running slowly.
  • I can’t take it at the time it is placed because I am alone and doing the work of three people.
  • He calls back the next day wanting it worked on. I pick up the ticket and call him. He does not call back.
  • I send him an email asking him to call me at his earliest convenience. I receive no response.
  • I call again. He does not call back.
  • This morning he goes above me and my boss and calls the department head directly.
  • I explain that I have the ticket and have been trying to contact him.
  • I call. He does not call back. I leave a voicemail. No response.
  • I finally get fed up and remote into his machine and start the cleanup process.
  • I am kicked off because his computer is on wireless, which is spotty.
  • I call his department secretary back, explain that I have been trying to contact him for two days, and ask her to have him call me ASAP.
  • I do not tell her that I am ready to wash my hands of the entire thing if he doesn’t return my call TODAY.
  • He called back while I was at lunch (of course) and my supervisor took the call.
  • She then sent me an email stating that I needed to make his issue my priority (as if I hadn’t already) and that I needed to go get his computer and fix it.
  • She also explained that he thought since I had told him it couldn’t be solved over the phone that he wouldn’t receive phone calls from me (????).
  • I went over to get said computer and found that his office door was locked and none of the department secretaries were available to let me in.
  • I went back to the office and discovered both sets of master keys were checked out, rendering me utterly unable to go procure his computer.
  • My supervisor found a set of master keys and when I got over to the machine I discovered it wasn’t the wireless that had kicked me off - he had. He had logged in over top of me.
  • BRB flipping every table in sight.

gatormech replied to your post “A student came in with her iPad because she couldn’t get on our campus…”

People pull this shit all the time. If the manufacturer doesn’t support the operating system, we certainly can’t.


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We had a staff member ask if we could provide her with a computer so she could do her homework.

Just let that sink in.

Another standard misconception about helpdesks.

I don’t know how this started, but people think IT departments have a warehouse in the back fully stocked with computers for the purpose of indiscriminately handing them out freely on request.

Grinds my gears lol

Same. People don’t understand that even though this is a university, it’s a business. We provide computers for people to do their jobs.

A student came in with her iPad because she couldn’t get on our campus system.

She was using Safari, but I noticed her iPad iOS was out of date - version 6.

I cleared Safari’s browser history to no avail. I tried to install Chrome but it would only work on version 7 and up.

When I explained that she would likely need to upgrade her iOS due to obvious compatibility issues, she balked at me.

There’s a reason you have to update stuff, people. This is why.

I just heard a staff member use the word “configurated”.


I have a Samsung S3. This is getting ridiculous trying to connect to the internet on my phone. It won’t work. I’ve entered my login info (which is correct) my username and my birthdate in the areas to login on my phone at least 20 times and it keeps telling me it’s incorrect. It’s not incorrect and I’m getting frustrated. Can you please help me?

I don’t know what’s going on and why it kicks me off all the time.



I very kindly pointed out that those credentials ARE incorrect, and gave her the correct ones.

ETA: She’s just come in with her phone and my student worker corrected her as well. “It’s your [identification] number.” “…..really?”

ETA again: Turns out she had put a space after her usename.

We had a staff member ask if we could provide her with a computer so she could do her homework.

Just let that sink in.

Source: FailDesk

Source: FailDesk

I am interrupting HelpDeskWoes’ vacation very briefly to tell you that we just got a call from an elderly member of the community. Evidently she had a sinkhole open in her front yard and wanted to know how we dealt with ours.

HelpDeskWoes will be on vacation until Monday, October 13.

See you all then.

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