I just got done helping a 20-year old student who called me “honey” every step of the process.

Um, hi. I’m 30. Stop.

Rule number 1 of the Help Desk:

If I can log into a site with your credentials but you can’t, the problem is you.


one of my coworkers got a call (i work in a call center/tech support) from a customer that was really scared because supposedly the mafia was hacking her computer and they were stalking her…when finally my coworker took remote control of the computer he couldn’t stop laughing because


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Calling me about something that happened a month ago and expecting me to remember all of the intimate details is annoying.

Then asking me why another person never emailed you back is just…asinine. I am not the department secretary. I am not the keeper of everyone’s schedules and lives. Call THEM.

"I’m an incoming student thats been using my student email to ask the professors for help and keeping up with the announcements. I’ve tried to get on my email the past couple of days and I’ve been directed to a page asking me to reset my password. Sadly, my mind has forgotten it because of the auto login that happens when I click the Student Mail icon on [website]. Is there any way I can try to get my email reset so that I can access it? If theres a solution, my email is [address] to get in contact with me to see how to fix the problem. Thank you for your time and patience with this forgetful freshman."


Can this kid teach a class on how to properly email the Help Desk? Well done, sir.

The most diva request of all time:

  • staff member: Since you guys have my damaged iPad, my boss gave me his and wiped it back to factory. I need help getting it set up.
  • me: Okay-
  • staff member: I'm about to walk into a meeting and I need it set up right now otherwise I'll have to take hand-written notes at the meeting. [Her office is all the way across campus and can only be accessed one way due to extensive construction]
  • me: It doesn't take very long to set up-
  • staff member: No I need someone to come here right now and do this. I don't have time to set it up, I've got to go to this meeting right now.
  • me: *trying to find the fucks I give. Where are they?*
  • me: I'll see what I can do.
  • me: *drives over there and spends approximately 1 minute setting it up*
"I have been having issues in [building] for the past two weeks with my Android phone’s WiFi. It seems to go in and out a lot and even it I turn off the WiFi and go with data it comes a goes. Are there any current situations that we are unaware of in [building]? Thank you for your time."

Staff member.

"Are you aware of anything you’re unaware of?"


Pretty accurate piece of what it’s like and why I warn youngsters to think twice.

Of course I don’t agree with #7

I agree with ^ that. Number 7 is false. Our Mac tech is busier than any of us because Mac people tend to be the biggest divas - they don’t just have their MacBook Pros, but they also have their iPads and iPhones and MacMinis and they want support for all of it simultaneously.


This is why I don’t want social networking on work computers. It’s not that social networking in itself is bad, it’s the security risks that people are easy prey to

"The computer is 2 years old, has Microsoft suite8…"

Faculty member.

Turns out it’s running Windows 7 and Office 2013, so no idea where ‘Microsoft 8’ came from….