Source: MacWorld

Source: MacWorld

"Projection is not clear enough to play movies"

— This is my new favorite work order description ever.

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Windows Microsoft Error Song (via xXPariserXx)

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I don’t care what anyone says I am calling S Q L because its an acronym not a word!!!

While this is an exceptionally valid note, I would point out that DOS and RAM are both acronyms that are pronounced as words. So it’s not a hard and fast rule - some are pronounced as their letters, and some are pronounced as words.

"I want to know where to register for the fall semester. Went to self-service couldn’t find it"


Two of my student workers are CS majors.

One of them continually says things that make me wonder if this is really the line of work he should be going into.

For example he keeps calling it “C sharp” which makes my head hurt. He also says “ess queue ell” instead of “sequel”. Seriously?

You should know this, dude.


Client: How will you get the voice over the video?

Me: You mean the narration? We film the video portion and lay an audio track over it in post production.

Client: What? No. Why don’t you just have someone stand behind the camera man, talking into a microscope?