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herpetkiba said: In response to your "what operating system do you have..." My favorite/most annoying exchange with a customer is: "What browser are you using?" "Yahoo"

I really love all the creative ways people pronounce Firefox. “Foxfire. Monzilla.”

Tower, Hard drive, mehhh same thing.


User: The computer is locked and wont allow anyone to log in.

Me: Ok, you just need to reboot the computer and it will allow you to log in.

User: How am I supposed to do that? The computer is locked.

Me: Just hold down the power button for a few seconds and it will force it to shut down. 

User: You aren’t hearing me, the computer is locked I cant get to the power button!

Me: I’m talking about the power button on the tower.

User: The what?

Me: The tower, the big black box that has all of the wires coming out of the back of it and says DELL across the side. 

User: Oh, you mean the hard drive. Its called a hard drive.

Me: No, no its not. 

User: Well my son goes to ITT, I know what a hard drive is, cause he has been teaching me.

Me: Tell your son to pick a new career path. 

(gosh I hope I don’t get fired)

Help Desk woes


a man just called. he said that our desktop support group took his computer about a week ago to do a rebuild. he was wondering why he hadn’t gotten his computer back yet. I opened up his ticket, and it was marked as completed. I was really confused and trying to figure out what to do when he said “oh wait! the computer was returned, it’s under my desk!”

I want to beat my head against my desk.

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Today is going to be a long day.

  • Me: Could you tell me what version of Windows you're running?
  • Customer: Microsoft Word

"I’m not smart enough to do that"


After telling a user to unplug a power cable.

There isn’t a skills gap in technology.

There’s a TRYING gap in technology.

There isn’t a skills gap in technology.

There’s a TRYING gap in technology.

I cannot stress this enough. I do not abide whining at my job. If you at least TRY, I will work with you. But the minute you start whining like a child, I stop caring.

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Your CMOS battery and you.

This issue has come up recently and I wanted to address it.

Your laptop comes with a watch battery inside it that runs the clock so that it is still correct even when the computer is off. This is your CMOS battery, and all laptops, regardless of make or model, have one.

If your CMOS battery dies, you will note certain things begin to happen:

  • Your clock will always be wrong upon startup
  • You will be unable to connect to the internet reliably
  • You will be unable to access many websites and will probably receive security warnings

Your computer always checks itself against what the Greenwich Mean time is and if there is a discrepancy, it disables many of the functions for safety reasons.

Should you run into this problem, you will need to take your laptop to a computer repair business to have the CMOS battery replaced. It is a watch battery and is very inexpensive on its own, although labor rates will vary.

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I do the same thing to clients all the time. Keep them nice and distracted while you consult your good old pal, Google

Exactly! It’s true what they say - we’re all just better at Google than the users.

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Today is a Reading Comprehension Is A Thing day.

I don’t know what it is but almost every email I’ve sent this morning has been to politely correct someone when they failed to read what they were responding to.

Can nobody read today?? Is it a full moon?